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Anjung Technology is primarily a consulting company. We assist and guide organizations, researchers and local governments to utilize these Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies in a practical, yet cost-effective, manner. We help organizations that are trying to utilize UAS technology by helping them to quantify their actual needs and to find, or build systems that meet those needs. Once we identify the systems that meet your needs, we train your personnel to effectively utilize them. The commonly accepted premise of automation is that the operator no longer needs to know how to manualy fly the equipment, but in real life this idea seldom holds true. Thorough technical and safety training is required to effectively and safely operate these aerial vehicles. The pilot/operator needs to have a thorough understanding in the operation, repair and safety of these vehicles. We take a hands-on approach and train good pilots that are very familiar with the operation of their equipment.


Personal Remote Sensing

Among of Personal Remote Sensing Attributes are

  • The use of Personal Adaptive Computing (PAC) vs Central High Scalar Computing
  • The use of Personal Area Network (PAN) vs High Throughput Backbone Network
  • The use of Personal Aerial Swath (PAS)  vs Global Swath
  • The use of Personal UAS (PUAS) vs  Earth Observation Satellite / Constellation
  • The use of Personal Economical Sensors (PES)  vs Ultra High-Tech Sensors


Virtual Surveyor

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